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Hunting trips

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Hungary's hunting history stretches back to the time of the Romans, when the teeming wildlife of the ancient Pannonia province was an important source of food. For our forefathers who settled in the Carpathian Basin, the area of fertile soil, rivers and abundant wildlife assured nourishment and survival.


Today, hunting in Hungary attracts an ever increasing number of visitors owing to stunning natural environments and expertly organized hunts.


We have a year-round hunting season with each time of year possessing and offering something special and completely unique for its guests. As an active recreation hunting also provides an excellent opportunity to become better acquainted with famous Hungarian cuisine and wine.


JoAn VIP’s full-time guides with over twenty years of guiding experience are no strangers to Hungarian hunting. We have access to some of the best hunting locations in Hungary and our lifelong love of the great outdoors allows us to share our passion with others of all ages and experience levels.


Choose JoAn VIP to guide you through the most beautiful hunting landscapes, and experience the hunt as never before. There are red, roe and fallow deer, wild boar and mouflon, to mention just a few of the larger game. Several hunters have returned home from Hungarian woods with world-class trophies and many world records were also born here.


Whether you’re a bow-hunter, a rifle hunter, or just an outdoor enthusiast, JoAn VIP will organize an exciting and unforgettable Hungarian hunting experience for you - one you’ll cherish forever.

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