Best tours for you
Budapest Panoramic Half-Day Tour

Duration 4 Hours

This minimal tour is recommended for those who have limited time in Budapest.

Budapest Explorer Full-Day Tour

Duration 8 Hours

Spend the day viewing the highlights of Budapest, the “Paris of the East” as it has been called.

Budapest Half-Day Walking Tour

Duration 4 Hours

This tour is recommended for the traveller who loves walking and has limited time in Budapest.

Jewish Heritage Tour of Budapest

Duration 4 Hours

The Jewish heritage tour takes you around the old Jewish quarter of the capital.

Jewish Walking Tour 

Duration 4 Hours

The Jewish Walking tour takes you around the old Jewish quarter of the capital.

Culinary Tour

Duration 4 Hours

Wander, explore, have a nosh and wander some more!

Bike Your Way Through Budapest 

Duration 4 Hours

Join us for a pleasant ride around the most attractive sights of Budapest. 

Culture and Architecture - Budapest 

Duration 4 Hours

In Hungary, we are very proud of our culture, music, architecture and of course our history.

Communist Tour/ Hammer & Sickle Tour      

Duration 4 Hours

Get to know the old Communist system in Hungary.

Danube Bend

Duration 8 Hours

One of the most scenic parts of the country, the Danube Bend.

Szentendre Tour

Duration 4 Hours

Szentendre is a lovely, charming Baroque town.

Gödöllő Tour With The Lázár Equestrian Park 

Duration 6 Hours

Gödöllő is located 30 minutes drive north from Budapest.

Pécs With Wine Tasting Tour

Duration 12 Hours

If you're able to visit only one city outside Budapest, Pecs is the one you want to see. 

Puszta Tour With Horse Show

Duration 8 Hours

The Puszta tour takes you back in time to enjoy Hungarian folklore traditions.

Eger Tour With Wine Tasting

Duration 9 Hours

One of the most beautiful Baroque towns in our country. 

Etyek With Wine Tasting

Duration 4 Hours

Take a short drive to Etyek, to have a wine tasting. 

Vienna Tour From Budapest

Duration 12 Hours

If you are here already in Budapest, then you have to make it to Vienna.